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Camera shake & crop & reflections

Filename: Camera_shake_crop.fx

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Category: Stylize
Subcategory: Video artefacts
Status: Prototype , June 2019

Issues and limitations:

  • Only for Windows
  • Lightworks 14.5 or better
  • Maybe the effect doesn’t work with all GPUs?
  • The effect was not tested with the “Letterbox” project setting enabled.

Effect description:

Horizontal and vertical shifts based on a random generator.


  • Several automatic zoom modes to avoid the visibility of the frame edges.
  • Different reflection modes of the edges to allow a low zoom at strong shifts.
  • Cropping for adaptation to letterbox material.
    (This refers to material that has already been imported with black bars, or previous effects have created these bars. This does not refer to letterboxing created using the “Letterbox” project settings.)
    By default, the original material is reflected at the set crop edges before cropping is applied. This prevents the black edges of letterbox material from becoming visible when shaking.

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